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As owner of Ignited Ink Writing, I am dedicated to helping people create stories that haunt, inspire, bare a truth, and linger with readers. I am a freelance editor and writer with a MFA in Creative Writing and Poetics, a Bachelors in Biochemistry, and multiple publications. My passion for writing extends to all ages and styles. I have taught fiction writing workshops for senior citizens at San Juan College’s Encore program and creative writing to second and third graders at Sanchez Elementary’s after school program. I currently teach young adult fiction at Colorado Free University, am Vice President of the Boulder Writers’ Alliance, and started the YouTube channel Ignited Ink Writing.

When presenting, I do my best to inform, engage, and entertain and tailor my topics to my audience. I want to share my love for reading and writing with others and make them better communicators in all aspects of their lives. I attempt to keep my talks fun, up-beat, and to the point. 

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Event Planners Can Expect

  • A pre-event phone call or meeting to discuss the chosen presentation topic, event’s audience, and logistics
  • Event promotion on my platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn as well as announcements at the various organizations I actively participate in
  • Digital copies of information for attendees in the form of powerpoint slides or PDFs
  • A seminar delivered to the best of my abilities with the intent to inform, engage, and entertain
  • A follow up phone call or meeting


Places I've Spoken

  • Colorado Free University
    • I am a young adult fiction and origami instructor.
  • Broomfield Writers Idea Factory 
    • I presented on point of view and often lead discussions as a member and editor.
    • I co-ran, participated in an editors' panel, and presented on creating memorable characters at their 2018 workshop.
  • Naropa University
    • At their 2016 and 2017 summer writing program, I was a panelist. One year I presented on query letters; the next year I spoke about experimentation in young adult literature.
    • At multiple readings over the last two years, I have read from my fiction. Each time I read for 2-20 minutes.
  • San Juan College
    • In the summer of 2015, I instructed two fiction writers workshops for the Encore program.
    • I taught Advanced Fiction Composition.
  • Sanchez Elementary
    • I taught creative writing to second and third graders. We did cut-up poetry, comic books, word association, and other projects.

Testimonial by Linda Kinnamon

 Linda Kinnamon in a blue dress smiling beside a tree in the summer circle

Author of Alchemy of the Afterlife

"In 2017 Caitlin Berve did a presentation on POV for our local group, Writers’ Idea Factory.  Our group is challenging for presenters because the writers range from novices to published authors.  Caitlin, however, presented a difficult topic to a diverse group in an approachable and engaging manor. We look forward to having Caitlin present again."


Frequently Requested Topics

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Young Adult Literature

Young adult literature is more than just a story about a teenager. In this presentation I cover the three main qualities a piece of writing must contain to truly be young adult: adolescent perspective, internal conflict, and external conflict. I also discuss common misconceptions about the category and why many authors find it so exciting to write. 50% of young adult readers are adults, giving this category the largest audience of them all. Authors would be wise to study YA, even if they don't write it.

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Point of View

One of the first decisions an author makes when beginning a story and one many don't put enough thought into is what point of view they will use. Point of view impacts who the main character is, the reader's perception/opinion of the characters, and how close the reader will be to the characters. This presentation covers the definitions, advantages, and pitfalls to each point of view and discusses why one point of view might work better for a specific story.

Other topics

I've also given presentations on query letters, what to include in a website as an author, creating memorable characters, and building worlds and magic systems in fantasy. My specialty is fiction, but many of these subjects apply to all forms of prose. If you want to know more about my topics or book me, please contact me

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