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Versailles by Kathryn Davis: How to Read Like a Writer

If you find historical events and people inspiring, read Versailles by Kathryn Davis. Davis transforms the famous palace to tell a story larger than the main character, while giving Marie Antoinette the voice and freedom to tell her own story. Discover how you can use these same techniques to enliven your writing.

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The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins: How to Read Like a Writer

If you’re writing an unreliable narrator or plot twists, check out The Girl on the Train. Paula Hawkins uses plot twists to build suspense and change perceptions of her characters. She also uses a variety of characteristics to make her narrators untrustworthy. Learn how to control the information in your story for similar effects.

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3 Types of First Person Narrators: Benefits and Pitfalls

Who is narrating your story? Is it the snarky protagonist? A child? A murderer? While every person and character are unique, most first person narrators fit into three major categories. Understanding the pros and cons of each narrator type can be the difference between a successful story and one that falls flat.

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