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How to Write a Query Letter with Claws

If you plan to traditionally publish, you’ll need a query letter with claws to capture an agent’s or publisher’s attention. Even though there is a bit of a formula to queries, they aren’t easy. Pitches, comparables, and credentials all need to come together to make an agent want your book.

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How to Publish: Pros and Cons of Traditional and Self-Publishing

The decision to traditionally or self-publish your book is not easy. The book industry is in a period of transition, meaning both options have pros and cons and are constantly evolving. To decide if you prefer creative control or payment upfront, you need to understand the benefits and pitfalls of traditional and self-publishing.

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How to Submit Your Creative Writing to Literary Magazines

Authors write to be read. One way of getting your words in front of readers in through literary journals. These publications are looking for specific kinds of polished short pieces. To give your writing the chance to impact and linger with readers, learn how to tell when your piece is ready, find literary magazines, and submit.

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