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Mercedes Thompson Book Series: How to Read Like a Writer

If you’re writing a character-driven static book series, you need to study similar series like Patricia Briggs’ Mercedes Thompson novels. Through such a series you’ll learn how to show your main character’s personality so your readers want to follow them for multiple books and how to plant seeds to inspire and use in future books.

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Why Creative Writers Shouldn’t Use Adverbs – Most of the Time

“Never use adverbs” is a common writing advice cliche. It’s also wrong. Many beginning writers rely on adverbs when they should be using a fuller description or more specific words, so they are told to stop using adverbs altogether. In some situations, adverbs are the best choice. Learn when to use adverbs and when to avoid them.

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How to "Show Don't Tell" in Creative Writing

Any writer who’s taken a writing course or been a part of a critique group has probably heard the phrase “show don’t tell.” You may have even said it yourself. Why should you show? Showing — especially in instances like backstory, setting, and emotion where telling is easy — will advance your plot and deepen your characters.

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