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How to Format Written Documents: Letters, Emails, Texts, and More

The words of your story aren’t the only pieces of writing you might have. You might also want to include letters, notes, emails, text messages, IMs, or some other form of written communication. Learn the various formatting options you have to make it clear when your story’s written documents begin and end.

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Ellipses and Dashes: How to Use Popular Pauses

Like in speech, a pause can be essential to conveying your message through writing. You have a variety of punctuation marks available to show those pauses, including em dashes, but not all pause punctuation marks are interchangeable. Learn what the different dashes and ellipses mean.

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How to Punctuate Dialogue: Spoken, Written, and Telepathic

One of the best techniques to increase the pacing and characterization of your story is dialogue. In order for your dialogue to be clear and effective, you have to know how to format and punctuate it. Discover the standard format for dialogue, when to use it, and when to choose a different option.

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