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It Happened One Doomsday: How to Read Like a Writer

Writing with emotion doesn’t mean you need to create a soap opera story. Emotion can be subtle, overwhelming, positive, and negative. In It Happened One Doomsday, Laurence MacNaughton tells the thrilling story of a weak sorceress determined to save a demon and stop the apocalypse, while keeping his readers smiling. You can learn to keep a dark situation light and use setting to your advantage by reading his novel.

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Transference by Kate Jonuska: How to Read Like a Writer

Often literary and genre fiction are at odds, but in Transference Kate Jonuska brings the two together through an extremely close third person point of view, snarky humor, and inner character conflict. You can learn how to blend styles by reading books like Transference.

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Hounded by Kevin Hearne: How to Read Like a Writer

If you’ve ever wondered how to write a page turner, read Hounded by Kevin Hearne. Using a narrator with an outstanding sense of humor, strategic chapter breaks, and a unique cast, this debut novel is a page turner worthy of a close read.

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