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How to Design a Sensational Back Book Cover

When people say your cover sells your book, they aren’t only talking about the image on the front. The elements of your back cover convince a reader to buy because that is where they are introduced to your story, your characters, and you. Your back book cover is essential to selling your book.

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Emily St. John Mandel: How to Read Like a Writer

Dystopian fiction is a popular current trend. If you want your story to stand out from the crowd, read Station Eleven. Emily St. John Mendel transforms dystopias. Through a twisted timeline, multiple points of view, and the importance of art, she speculates on how society might carry on after a pandemic deadlier than the Spanish Flu.

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Multiple Points of View: Benefits, Pitfalls, and Uses

Sometimes you need to tell a story from more than one character’s perspective, but you don’t want to have the distance of omniscient. That’s when multiple points of view can be the best choice for your story, but like all points of view, it has its pros and cons.

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