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The World of Valdemar: How to Read Like a Writer

Not every idea or tangent will fit in your book, but that doesn’t mean you have to cut them completely. When you’re writing an anthology-based book series, you have the freedom to create standalones and mini-series on any thread of story you come up with. That’s what Mercedes Lackey does in her Valdemar series. Learn how here.

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How to Effectively Plan an Anthology Book Series

If you like the freedom to explore, an anthology book series might be the best choice for you. Tied together by setting or related characters, these series are the most open. Discover how you can plan your series using your world and/or characters.

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How to Successfully Plan a Character-Driven Static Book Series

Writing a book series is a wonderful, terrifying, time consuming process. If you’ve decided to commit to a static series — one that’s driven by your characters — you need to develop a character readers want to read more of and make sure you have enough ideas to fill you books. Here’s how to get started planning your static book series.

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