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Transform your story or content into writing that impacts and lingers with readers.

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 Ignited Ink Writing is run by Caitlin Berve and dedicated to filling the world with the kind of writing that lingers with readers because writing that lingers gets remembered and recommended to others. To learn about Ignited Ink Writing's editing, writing, and speaking services, go to https://www.ignitedinkwriting.com/ 

At its heart, writing is communication, and whether you’re an author looking to publish a story or a website owner updating their content, reaching as many people as possible is key. Writing that leaves a reader pondering, haunted, inspired, or satisfied is memorable, and memorable texts get revisited and recommended to others. Ignited Ink Writing, LLC is dedicated to making your piece shine, so it influences and stays with readers.

Testimonial by Valerie Webster

 Valerie Webster author of  Driven

Author of Driven

"From the purely technical perspective, she [Caitlin Berve] has an exceptional grasp of good mechanics and conveys clearly how best to fix structural issues. She is also a partner, contributing creatively to each writer's unique style and goals.  And - she knows the publishing industry."

Novel and Story Services

 If you want your story to bloom from the page and linger with your readers, you will need help editing and revising. This can come from critique groups, beta readers, and professional editors. To learn when each group is the most valuable, go to   https://www.ignitedinkwriting.com/timeline-of-a-book

Developmental edit

Also known as a content or structural edit, a developmental edit analyzes the big picture including organization, pacing, plot, and characters to elevate your story.

 A copy edit is more than checking spelling and commas. It looks at sentence clarity, word choice, and more to make sure your writing is not only accurate, but easy to comprehend. To find out when you should hire a copy editor, go to   https://www.ignitedinkwriting.com/ timeline-of-a-book 

copy edit

Once the content of your story is solid, a line-by-line edit will clean up the mechanics of the writing and ensure your piece is clear. This is where your grammar and sentence organization concerns are addressed.

 If you're hoping to traditionally publish your fiction story, you'll need to construct a submission: a query letter, synopsis, and writing sample. This is the agent's, editor's, or publisher's first impression of you, so don't call your packet good after one draft. To understand the timeline of a book, go to  https://www.ignitedinkwriting.com/ timeline-of-a-book 

submission packet edit

Part developmental edit and part copy edit, this package examines your query letter, synopsis, and manuscript’s beginning to give you the best chance at gaining an agent’s or publisher’s attention.

Testimonial by Robert Eric Shoemaker

 Robert Eric Shoemaker author, poet-playwright, and theatre artist

Author, poet-playwright, and theatre artist

"Caitlin’s incredibly thorough feedback, which included comments in the manuscript as well as a two-page letter on the overarching revisions called for by the piece, comprehensively addressed my novel and the potential in this current draft. I am so grateful for the work Caitlin did on my manuscript, and for the potential to collaborate with her in the future!"

Website Content and Blog Services

 We can't be experts in everything. Some people are great at coding, others are great at writing. It's okay to hire an expert to help fill in your weak places or do the things you just hate doing. For some people, that person is a content editor, who will make their website copy, blogs, manuals, and more shine.

Website content and blog editing

When a version of your content or blog already exists, an edit will clarify, update, and polish the writing, so your piece is ignited and infused with energy.

 We can't be experts in everything. Some people are great at coding, others are great at writing. It's okay to hire an expert to help fill in your weak places or do the things you just hate doing. For some people, that person is a content writer, someone who will create the copy for your website, blog posts, manuals, and more, so you focus on your expertise. 

Website content and blog writing

Sometimes a busy professional like you doesn't have the time to invest in website content or blog creation, so Ignited Ink Writing, LLC will write it for you.


Testimonial by Jesse McKinnell

 Jesse McKinell Author of Dead Cats and Other Reflections on Parenthood

Author of Dead Cats and Other Reflections on Parenthood

"Releasing a piece of yourself into the world can be a scary process. Caitlin helps you sleep at night."


Speaker Services

Filling the world with stories that linger with readers means helping others improve their writing. In addition to editorial services, I speak at colleges, schools, writers organizations, and conferences to teach audiences like yours how to Ignite Their Ink. 

 Caitlin Berve is an author, content writer, book editor, speaker, and the owner of Ignited Ink Writing. She is dedicated to filling the world with stories that make an impact. 

Testimonial by Linda Kinnamon

 Linda Kinnamon is the author of Alchemy of the Afterlife and a former hospice nurse

Author of Alchemy of the Afterlife

"Writers’ Idea Factory is challenging for presenters because the writers range from novices to published authors.  Caitlin, however, presented a difficult topic [POV] to a diverse group in an approachable and engaging manor. We look forward to having Caitlin present again."

Ignite Your Ink is a blog filled with writing advice for authors

                Ignite Your Ink









The blog Ignite Your Ink helps authors raise their craft to the next level. Posts cover topics ranging from writing mechanics to recommended books to read as an author to study how other writers handle key aspects of the craft. I highly advise all authors read Neil Gaiman's The Graveyard  Book because he is a master world builder and wordsmith.


  • MFA in Creative Writing and Poetics
    • From the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics (Naropa University)
  • Vice President of the Boulder Writers Alliance
  • Active member of 30th Street Fiction writers critique group
    • Author of "The Mortician's Assistant" in their Proof anthology
  • Active member of Broomfield Writer’s Idea Factory
  • Active member of Colorado Independent Publishers Association (CIPA)
  • 6+ years editing experience
    • Former editor for Perspectives literary and art magazine
  • Writing Instructor at Colorado Free University and San Juan College
  • Published author
    • Including "By a Child's Hand" featured in the April 2017 edition of Ghost Parachute online
 This quill transforming into blue flames is the symbol for Ignited Ink Writing, an editing and writing company owned by Caitlin Berve. I represents igniting your writing, so it lingers with readers because writing that lingers gets remembered and recommended to others.