Frequently Asked Questions

When should I hire an editor?

Once you have made your book as good as you can on your own, you are ready for an editor. If you have just finished your first draft and haven’t revised on your own or taken your book to beta readers or a critique group, you are not ready for an editor.

Are you a writing coach?

No. A writing coach is someone who walks you through the process of writing and revising your book one-on-one. The only one-on-one services I offer are editing and writing, not coaching. I do teach writing both in person and online, but I do not offer private tutoring. If you are looking for a writing coach, I can recommend a few great ones.

Do you ghostwrite books for others?

No. I write content such as blogs, website content, podcast/radio/video show notes, and articles. I also make tutorial videos and create help manuals. I do not write other people’s books for them. I do know a couple of outstanding ghostwriters if you’re looking for one.

Is Ignited Ink Writing a publishing house?

While I will be self-publishing some of my own books beginning in 2019, I do not have plans to publish other authors’ works at this time. I am, however, open to collaborative marketing efforts and would love to hear from you if we share a readership.

Are you hiring?

At this point, I am a one woman show. If I were to hire help, it would be a virtual assistant, not another editor or writer.

If you have other questions, please contact me and I’ll do my best to answer them. For a monthly a writing prompt, writing industry updates, and tips from an editor, subscribe to my newsletter below.