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Writers' Idea Factory Workshop: Day 3

  • Alfalfa's 785 East South Boulder Road Louisville, CO United States (map)
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Quiet Writing

Friday May 20 9:30 -12:30

Gather for three hours of dedicated writing time with a room full of other writers.


Creating Unforgettable Characters

Sunday May 20 1:30-2:20

Whether you write literary fiction, genre, or memoir, a strong character is key to connecting with readers. Characters are the vessel for your story. They are the eyes, ears, nose, and body through which readers experience your tale. Join Caitlin Berve as she covers how to build three dimensional characters and how to give them a distinct voice.

Caitlin Berve is an editor, writer, speaker, and teacher. After earning a MFA in Creative Writing and Poetics, she started Ignited Ink Writing, a company dedicated to helping authors transform their writing so it lingers with readers. She loves writing from different perspectives, has been published in multiple places including Proof:A 30th Street Fiction Anthology, and hopes to release her first fantasy novel next year.


Six Figure Indie Author: 5 Keys to Success

Sunday May 20 2:30-3:20

The digital book revolution has drastically changed the publishing industry, offering new ways to publish books, find readers, and even make a lucrative living. Come learn about indie publishing and the five keys to success in this new landscape from James A. Hunter - an author who has had success using these methods.

James A. Hunter is a Colorado native, an active member of SFWA, and a full-time ink-slinger with ten titles currently out. He’s the author of the Yancy Lazarus series, the Golem Chronicles, and the Viridian Gate Online Archives.


Writing Dialogue: Can You Hear It?

Sunday May 20 3:30-4:20

Evan Hundhausen's favorite thing to write is dialogue. When you meet him in person he might say, "I hear what you're saying," instead of, "I see what you're saying." He's won awards in playwriting, screenwriting, and journalism. Sit in on his class and he'll show you easy techniques to create great dialogue for your story or whatever it is you're writing. You'll learn his techniques can be used creatively in any medium including sales copy and even on simple Facebook posts.

Evan Hundhausen is an author, freelance writer, and journalist. He received his MFA in Creative Writing at Naropa University in 2001. Find his self-published short story collection Accelerated Learning Techniques for a Budding Sociopath: A Bunch of Short Stories and a 99 cent ebook on Dialogue at Amazon. Currently he's busy interviewing people for his website, and when he's not training his ears to secretly steal what people are saying out loud in public, he's creating electronic music at