Who Runs Ignited Ink Writing, LLC?

My name is Caitlin Berve, and I started Ignited Ink Writing, LLC because I am passionate about stories that linger with readers – the kind of writing that haunts, strums heartstrings, inspires, bares a truth, and keeps a reader turning pages until four in the morning. By helping authors edit their work and creating website content and blogs, I get to fill the world with the impactful stories I want to read.

Like many editors, writers, and readers, I grew up a bookworm. However, I could not have fathomed a career in the writing industry. My family was comprised of medical professionals, so I was determined to become a doctor. I majored in biochemistry at New Mexico State University, interned as a phlebotomist, and worked as a clinical allergy specialist. Then I made the medical school waiting list. Tense with anticipation, I sliced open the deciding letter and read “We regret to inform you . . .” A warm hug of relief enveloped me, and I spent the next six months figuring out what the heck that feeling meant.

That’s when I realized I didn’t have to work in medicine. While applying to medical school, I’d studied creative writing. I completed my first novel, became a beta reader, joined writers’ critique groups, and edited the literary and art magazine Perspectives. A year after being rejected from medical school, I was accepted into the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics – Naropa University’s creative writing MFA program.

In graduate school, I studied fiction, nonfiction, poetry, hybrid, and experimental writing. I now have a soft spot for texts that push boundaries in both form and content and strive to subvert tropes. During my final semester, I started Ignited Ink Writing, LLC. I love creating my own stories, but I’m equally if not more interested in helping other authors improve their writing. Each morning I’m excited to start editing.

My specialties are fiction and memoir of any length. I enjoy writing and reading everything from short stories to novels and am happy to edit both. I am particularly fond of fantasy because I grew up building fairy houses in the New Mexico desert with my mom and look for them in the trails near my home in Broomfield, Colorado.

I have witnessed how positive feedback makes writers more receptive to constructive criticism, so I always point out what authors are doing well along with the areas needing work. I also apply the detail-orientation, drive, and critical evaluation skills I developed in pursuit of a medical degree to my edits. If you’re looking for an editor or content writer dedicated to stories that leave an impression, then I’m your girl, or if you want to find out more about me, feel free to peruse my blog, Ignite Your Ink, or contact me.

Ignite Your Ink is a blog filled with writing advice from editor Caitlin Berve. Through Ignite Your Ink, she hopes to help writers transform their writing so it lingers with readers because writing that lingers gets remembered and recommended to others. Go to  https://www.ignitedinkwriting.com/ignite-your-ink-blog-for-writers/

What is Ignite Your Ink?

The blog Ignite Your Ink was created to help authors hone their craft and read to improve their writing. As an editor and writer, I suggest books to read and analyze for a specific aspect of the text such as characterization, organization, pacing, humor, or form. Other posts cover common mechanical mistakes or weird yet useful grammar rules many writers seem unaware of. Ignite Your Ink posts are short so authors don’t use too much of their precious writing time and hopes to help writers create pieces that linger with readers and leave them wanting more. Every Sunday morning, a new post is released. I recommend all authors read the post on Standard Manuscript Format before submitting their work for publication.

Caitlin Berve is an author, content writer, book editor, speaker, and the owner of Ignited Ink Writing. She is dedicated to filling the world with stories that make an impact.